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The U-Visa is available to people who are victims of certain crimes, including crimes of violence like rape, felony assault and domestic violence. If you are a victim of a qualifying crime, you can apply for a U-Visa. The immigration status of the person who committed the crime does not matter. All you have to do is assist the police, prosecutors or some other government agency in investigating and prosecuting the offender. You will then receive a certification form from the law enforcement agency showing that you are helping in the investigation or prosecution of the crime. The U-Visa allows victims of crime to come out of the shadows by removing the fear of deportation.  No longer will you have to fear law enforcement.  By cooperating with police and prosecutors, you have the opportunity to transform a tragic situation into one that can provide some degree of stability and certainty for you and your family’s future.

Eligibility Requirements

–          You are the victim of a qualifying crime that violated the laws of the U.S.

–          Possess information about the qualifying criminal activity

–          You suffered serious physical or emotional abuse because of the crime

–          You helped or will help in the investigation and/or prosecution of the crime

–          You are admissible to the U.S. or can get a waiver

U-Visa Benefits

–          Permission to work for 4 years and

–          4 years of legal status

–          Can Adjust status to lawful permanent resident

–          Can apply for family members

In most cases, a U visa holder will be able to apply for permanent residency after 3 years. You may also be able to file applications to help immediate family members immigrate to the United States. In many cases, you can help your spouse, unmarried children, and possibly siblings and parents in getting lawful status, permission to work, and permanent residency in the U.S.

                                                                       Qualifying Crimes for a U-Visa


Female Genital Mutilation

Slave Trade



Unlawful Criminal Restraint



Obstruction of Justice


Felonious Assault

Witness Tampering

Domestic Violence



Sexual assault

False Imprisonment


Abusive Sexual Conduct

Being Held Hostage





Sexual Exploitation

Involuntary Servitude

*Includes attempts, conspiracy, or solicitation to commit any of these crimes.
*Includes any similar activity where the nature and elements of the unlisted crime are substantially.

If you are a victim of one of these crimes and  are willing to or have assisted law enforcement in prosecuting the offender, we can help you get legal status through the U-Visa Program.    Call our office today for a free consultation at (617) 320-3711.